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Character Eggs Sold Individually

Jim Shore Disney Traditions - Character Eggs Set of 12

Add some color to your Easter basket with this winsome set of hand-painted Disney eggs. Handcrafted by Jim Shore, the stone resin designs feature Bugs, Mickey, Lola, Pooh, Minnie, and Eeyore in cheerful poses. Even Eeyore has a smile on his face!

Unique variations to be expected as each figurine is hand painted.

Dimensions: Height 6.3cm each

Material: Stone Resin

Sold individually or buy 12 in the carton for $199 limited stock

***Please let us know the character you want in the comments***

Brand: Jim Shore Disney Traditions

Our online store is temporarily closed to allow for all items to be delivered before Christmas. We open again early 2022. Please contact us by phone or email. Thanks

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